A Day in the life of Tony's Fish

   4 AM LOADING UP: Filling the orders
and getting ready to truck out.

   4:57 AM THE FILLET WAY : The delicate hands of this
Tony's professional working to meet one customer's needs.

   6:12 AM THE FLEE DELIVERS : North, East, South, West,
Tony's trucks and drivers make their daily deliveries.

   7:16 AM EARLY DELIVERS : Meeting the needs of customers all over.

   8:40 AM ORDERS POUR IN: Staying on top of customer's
request, even handling last minute, emgergency

   12:15 SALES TEAM : Always ready to work with customers
to meet their food service needs.

   3 PM NEXT DAY PLANS : Getting ready for the next day.

"ONE CALL AND YOU'VE GOT IT ALL"   718-328-5200